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Marlene Zander Gutierrez

We're continuing to update this site, thanks for your visit.

Marlene has passed away.
We will continue this website in her honor and loving memory.

Marlene's three new works

"The Red Orange"

"Two Figures"

"View from the Portal"

Newest Miniature:
"The Red Waves"
"La Luna Rosa"
"The Traveller"

Statement by MZG:
"Art is a search for aesthetic expression, whether one tries to make visible what is invisible or creates a new reality or simply reproduces what one sees. The challenge is to create something that is aestetically interesting and that also expands awareness. The subject can be anything, from the most banal to the most profound. It is in how the subject is rendered that the value and meaning of art becomes evident."
"My work is intuitive and has taken me, at times, to the boundaries of contemporary art (as in the Metal Series). I am more concerned with expressiveness than with realism, and often seek the spiritual meaning in images, as well as the psychological and political implications."

Feminine Spirituality Contemporary Visionary Monotype Serigraph Collage Found Objects Painting: Oil Acrylic Watercolor